Sparkling windows are not only a reflection on your business; they’re a reflection on ours. That’s why we guarantee your satisfaction with every job. Our exceptional quality and service are unmatched. 

Cleaning windows is part of adequate building maintenance, but also reflects a professional and responsible business image. Our commercial window cleaning service is reliable year round and priced competitively.

At ALBRIGHT & SHINY we understand your project is personal from beginning to end.  So don’t take a risk with just any company.  Put our  years of commercial and industrial experience to work for you.
We’re knowledgeable. Our team understands technical needs and construction requirements, which results in an efficient, cost effective cleaning.
We’re flexible.  Projected dates of completion can change.  Whether you need us earlier than expected or later, we’ll make it work.  We understands the industry.  We’ll find a way to keep you on the schedule you want to be on.
We get it right.  We are committed to quality.  We deliver your cleaning needs the first time around, resulting in fewer call backs and more satisfied customers.

Let ALBRIGHT & SHINY help your company make a flawless first impression.  Show customers, clients, and employees your commitment to quality with a well-maintained business space.  We provide high quality and personalized service.  We meet our clients’ specific needs and strive to exceed their expectations.


Commercial Cleaning Services & more


Proper maintenance is vital to the life of your carpet. Regular cleanings help carpets look fresh and extend life expectancy. But, it’s not just about appearance. Did you know your carpet can actually improve air quality? With proper maintenance, your carpet can act as an air filter, trapping contaminants and holding them out of the breathing zone until they can be removed.


At ALBRIGHT & SHINY, there is no job too big or too small. Our uniformed professionals can handle everything from a local flower shop to a college campus. Whether we are visiting you twice a week or twice a year, you can rely on us to show up.  We also provide the peace of mind that fully trained, bonded, and insured employees will be maintaining the appearance of your business. Let ALBRIGHT & SHINY brighten your world at work and at home too. Call today to have one of our experts give you a free on-site estimate.